Past Project

Women Empowerment and Gender issues:
  • Health Education & Adult Literacy.
  • Early marriage, GBV and Dowry system eradication.
  • Women Group formation and mobilization.
  • Participatory Learning and Acton.
  • Radio Health program.
  • Self employment Program for women and adolescent girl.
  • Community Awareness with performing street drama and
    organizing various social campaigns.

Social inclusion and Right Based programs:
  • Awareness campaign against child labour.
  • Perform Street theater against child labour.
  • Perform Street theater against early child marriage.
  • PLA/RLG Program for marginalize and Muslim community.
  • Creating awareness through various campaign for civil rights
    and constitution making process.

Income Generating Programs:
  • Skill Development training program for Women (Tailoring)
  • Laha Bangle design training
  • Motor Bike repairing and maintenance training.
  • Radio T.V repairing and maintenance training.
  • Mithila Painting.
Child Development:
  • Out of School Children program.
  • Non formal Education for Child Labour.
  • Parents Teachers Association Program.
  • Child Club formation and mobilization.
  • Awareness campaign against early child marriage.

Public Health Program:
  • Family Planning and Maternal Health Program.
  • Nutrition Program.
  • Polio Eradication.
  • Support for National Vitamin A day.
  • Management Support for National Immunization Day activities.
  • Orientation for Community people about HIV/AIDS.
  • Health Education for Community Women .
  • Swastha Chautari Program for mothers groups.
  • Sad Byabahar Swastha Pariwar.
  • (a) PLA/RLG Program.
  • (b) Partner Define Quality ( PDQ)
  • (c) Promotional Activities for Volunteer Sterilization Camp.
Institutional Capacity Building Program:
  • Good Governance & Leadership Development.
  • Financial Management.
  • Resource Mobilization.
  • Operational Management.
  • Human Resource Development

Detailed Information about Past Projects