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Who We Are

Community Family Welfare Association (CFWA) was established in 1996 AD (BS 2053) in Nagarayan Municipality ward no 7, Deodiha, Dhanusha district Nepal. Initially, it was established as a community based organization (CBO) with technical and managerial support of family planning Association of Nepal under its long-term sustainable plan to continue family planning services at the community level. Later on, it was registered at the District administrative office as non-government and non- profit making organization in 27 June 1997 (13 Ashar 2053 BS) in Dhanusha district. Now CFWA has two field offices in Mahottari and Dhanusha districts working in Education, Health, Child Poverty, Child Protection, Gender and Social Inclusion and Social Protection.CFWA is a leading organization of the state number 2 and it has aimed to be well known civil society organization in the Nepal.

  1. Regular and effective coordination with government bodies and stakeholder.
  2. Conduct quality program for beneficiary with MEAL system.
  3. Organize programs to key beneficiary and targeted group.
  4. Involve community people in planning, implementation and evaluation of programs.
  5. Handover programs to community and government bodies for continue of program.
  6. Utilize local resources for smooth program functioning.
  7. Practice situation analysis/survey of the program area prior to program implementation.
  8. Maintain transparency and accountability during program implement and distribution.
  9. Encourage community participation in community development programs.
  •  To advocate quality education and quality life for targeted deprived and marginalized community.
  •  Make responsible to local government for promotion of good governance.
  •  Improve access to health services by targeted community.
  •  Advocate with the local government to make easy access to social protection grants as well as increase awareness rising among beneficiaries.
  •  Implement livelihood related program for improving lives of deprived/marginalized community.
  •  Ensure child rights with the collaboration and coordination with relevant stakeholder as well service providers.

To advocate the underprivileged society especially Dalit, women, conflict affected youth and children who are drawn backward because of discrimination, poverty and illiteracy to adjust to the national standards by improving their economic status through sustainable development plan.

cfwa vision


Creation of healthy, knowledgeable and well-being of Society

cfwa mission


Creating healthy, knowledgeable and well-being society by building the capacity of community people and children to use various services simultaneously exploring services through promotion and ensuring impartial distribution of those services as well as advocating for proportionate distribution of opportunities.