HIV AIDs Program

HIV AIDs Program Continiue at Mahotari District

Planning and Review Meeting (12-14 July 2014)
CFWA has been commenced HIV & AIDS program for Labor Migrants and their Spouses from 16th July, 2012 in Mahottari District of SSF/GF/SC grant. Outreach staffs are helping to regarding educational information, condom distribution, counseling, and demonstration on proper use of condom, primary health care & referral services for Medical treatment, VCT & STI treatment. The comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention approach for Migrants and their spouses includes different complementary approaches: community-based outreach, referral services for HIV testing and counseling, STI testing and treatment. In SSF Year-III, 4768 new migrants and 4410 Spouses are enrolled in Mahottari district through the educational contact by outreach and Peer educators. All together 98,779 pcs of condoms were distributed respectively through IHCs & outreach to the migrants & spouses and other peoples during new & repeated respectively were distributed to MARPs through IHC, outreach & service outlet. Likewise 426 MARPs were referred from the respective OW, Peer educators and IHC in charge to different VCT center and 276 were referred for STI Checkup. CFWA has been maintaining cordial relationship with Migrants and spouses, family members & local community through different community sensitization activities on HIV and AIDS for creating enabling and supportive environment for program management, sustainability. For that CFWA has been scheduled orientation to community Leaders, Teachers, different user groups, mother groups, Migrants and spouses etc, and celebrated different days i.e. world AIDS Day, Condom Day and Candle light memorial day. This Program will be continue up to 15 March 2015