Past Projects

S.NNameSectorDurationLocationTotal Budget (Rs)Funded By
1HIV /AIDs Migrant & Their SpouseHIV/AIDs PreventionFrom: 2012 July.
To: 2015 March.
15 VDC of MahottariDistrict10,639,443.00Save the Children
2Improved Cook StovesHealth and hygiene.From: 2013 Aug.
To: 2016 July.
30 VDC of Dhanusha District58,90,467.00Alternative Energy/Biomass/SCDC
3Mal Nutrition ProgramNutrition & Health RightFrom: 2014 May
To: 2018 Dec.
4 VDC of Dhanusha & 4 VDC of Mahottari District5,987,578.00Karunashechen/USA
4Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP)Community Access to Governance ServiceFrom: 2015 Mar.
To: 2017 July.
2 VDC of Dhanusha District776,883.00DDC/Dhanusha Dham Municipality
5Conflict Mitigation Through Community Mediation ProgramCommunity Justice and PeacebuildingFrom: 2014 July.
To: 2016 Jan.
4 VDC of Dhanusha District2,532,429.00Mandvi/USAID
6Pelvic Organ Prolapse (Women’s Rights)HealthFrom: 2013 Sep.
To:2018 Dec.
4 VDC of Dhanusha District9,811,049.00Karunashechen/USA
7Peoples Participation Poverty AlleviationLivelihoodFrom: 2010 Jan.
To: 2017 Feb.
2 VDC of Dhanusha District8,759,849.00Poverty Alleviation Fund Nepal
8Strengthening Smallholder EnterpriseLivelihoodFrom: 2012 July
To 2016 June.
Two VDCs of Dhanusha District5,552,800.00Heifer International
9Social Cohesion & Democratic Participation ProgramSocial Harmony & Social AccountabilityFrom: 2018 May
To: 2018 Nov.
One Municipality of Dhanusha District782,200.00UNDP
10Child Protection in Communities & School (CPCS)Child ProtectionFrom: 2016 Feb.
To: 2018 Dec.
3 municipalities and 1 rural municipality of Mahottari32,990,606.00Save the Children
11Sang Sangai (The Learning Together)EducationFrom: 2016 Feb.
To: 2019 Jan.
Dhanusha, Mahottari districts71,130,124.00World Education
12Maternal & Neonatal Child Health (MNCH)Child HealthFrom: 2017 April
To: 2019 April
3 municipalities of Mahottari District.9,388,768.99Save the Children
13Ending Child Marriage with Strategic Planning & Community MobilizationChild RightFrom: 2018 Dec.
To: 2019 June
Province-2, Nepal4,294,550.00 UNICEF
14 Better Health, Better Future Project Health From: Feb-2020 to: Dec-2021 Bhangaha Municipality Mahottari and Bideha Municipality, Madhesh Pradesh

54,35,452 Karuna Shechen